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taichi#ANewMe Campaign

This year, Headway U.K have launched a new campaign #ANewMe. The campaign puts brain injury survivors, carers and families right at its heart - inviting them to share how brain injury has impacted their lives. Fife Headway urges you to take a look by clicking here.

not to say10 Things Not to Say

Living with a brain injury presents a wide range of challenges, but one of the most difficult things for many survivors is the lack of understanding from the people around them. Headway U.K have made a list to help out! Top 10 Things Not to Say.

not to sayRight First Time

Headway UK has launched an online survey asking for people affected by brain injury to tell them about their experience of claiming PIP and/or ESA. They are gathering data as part of a long-term campaign that is being developed, Right First Time, about the importance to applicants of getting benefits assessments right first time The survey can be found here.